Five Fantastic Soaps for a Plastic-Free Shower

Take a peek at the most fantastic choices for a plastic-free shower next time you need to pickup the soap

We all need to give ourselves a good scrub sometimes (some among us more than others, naturally). But – and maybe it’s a symptom of age orperhaps I am a product of the time – I don’t recall washing with “body wash” or “shower gel” until my teens when it was marketed to me as an aid to sexual liberation.

Before the late 1990s, from face to foot, it was soap; A bar of white, occasionally peach, lather that was passed from sink to shower. Somewhere along the way, the tradition of soap has been overtaken – as with everything – by a cheap plastic-covered iteration.

Thankfully people are rediscovering not just the natural benefits of a bar of soap, but the satisfaction of being able to plaster your whole body in nourishment without the need for slinging the remains in the recycling.

Next time you need some love in the shower, why not pickup one of these slippery scented soaps?

Beans are allocated on account of: vegan, plastic-free, sustainability of material, value for money, aesthetics.

Eins:Lavande from Savon Du Midi. €2.29. . Bean rating 3.

Fresh from France and ready to foam in your hands, thislavender bar is made using organic ingredients and agricultural methods. Filled with natural essential oils including Shea butter, this is sure to nourish you all the way to the blood stream. While the palm oil content is concerning given its destructive affect on deforestation, the organic certification does give assurance no animal’s homes were sacrificed for your pleasure. This is a safe choice if you are looking for luxury without the price tag.

Zwei:Lemongrass and Tea Tree Bar Soap by NubianHeritage. €10.69. Bean rating 3.

Although originally inspired by traditional African recipes and ingredients forcleansing, Nubian Heritage have branched out and are utilising global ancient healing philosophies to make their soaps. The lemongrass and tea tree oil combines cleansing with hydration while the touches of orange peel add a nibble of vigour. The organic and fairly traded Shea butter of course adds to moisturising qualities and sustainability credentials. This bar is also cruelty free for our furry friends and ethically traded for our guilty consciences. Many other blends are available on the website.

Drei:African Black Soap from Shea Moisture. €8.89.  Bean rating 4.

A blend of oats, aloe, Shea butter and plantain extract,this is a perfect choice for those people who tend to be on the dry side (hello, me) and as a partial treatment for blemishes and troubled skin. The oats make you feel cleansed without all those nefarious beads used in some scrubs, while the palm ash and iron leave you smelling something akin to a scented candle or incense stick. All natural with certified organic ingredients.

Vier: Drop of Hope by Lush. £9.95. Bean rating 5.

Time for the one you just be tempted to lick off instead ofrinsing. Made with a blend of silken tofu, agave syrup and pioppinom mushroomas well an array of natural ingredients and citric sweetness for your showertime. The bar is in aid of famers in Fukushima whose rapeseed is used in these bars, helping those rebuilding livelihoods and communities by recleansing the soil. An inspirational metaphor for us all.

Funf: Body Cleansing Slab by Aesop. €17.00. Bean rating 4.

For those looking for the occasional fancy scrub down infusedby bergamot, ylang ylang and Tahitian lime – perhaps on a Friday night when your week just passed well and truly needs to gone – this may be the one for you. The vegetable-based bar does not to disintegrate as some soaps may and holds its form to the final cleanse. Also could make a nice gift if you know a vegan soul in need a bit of essential oil induced rejuvenation (hello, me).

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