Josie Long delves into the hidden lives lurking in recorded sound.

JOSIE LONG, the lady with the lovely voice and endless stories of relevance which tie this podcast together shares with us Short Cuts. It is broadcast as a radio show from the BBC and is shared in its full form as a Podcast. Sourced through varied media from other radio shows, podcasts and often unknown places the show is presented and connected by a common theme. The show is often philosophical, funny, reflective and a little eerie. The background music evokes this even further and it feels more three dimensional than a podcast should. I have to listen to this on the right occasion and dedicate my ears to it. Like when washing the dishes or sitting, eyes closed on the bus.

The latest show is ‘The Conversation’ and as ever this is not a literal translation of the content. We hear about interactions with animals, dancing partners and accounts from former drug enforcement agents in Afghanistan . The beauty of language is explored and the ways in which a conversation can be a manipulative experience as well harrowing accounts of loss and longing.

Short Cuts by the BBC is presented by Josie Long and can heard on BBC Radio 4.

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